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Motions Trials And Appeals
The Law Office of Knut S. Johnson fights at trial for clients using every tool possible, including motions.  Some motions are requests for information from the government (discovery), some are to dismiss, some are to suppress evidence illegally obtained by the government, and other motions may be to sever the trial from other defendants.  Click below for some examples of motions and appellate briefs.  If a case cannot be settled, Mr. Johnson will fight for your liberty at trial.


Trial courts sometimes make mistakes. We will continue to fight for you if you lose in the trial court and if it is your best interests to continue the fight. Many appeals are to try to lower a sentence, some may be to have a case dismissed, and some may be for a new trial.  Every appeal is different. Here is a video recording of an oral argument by Mr. Johnson. Here is a video of another oral argument by Mr. Johnson. Click on the link above to see some examples of appellate briefs..

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Not all cases go to trial.  If yours does, we will fight with everything we have to defend you.  Here is one case, although every case is different and the result in any one case never predicts the result in another.



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